Our Vision

VE Gaming is a new video game business that will focus on creating & developing Triple A video games across various gaming platforms.

VE Gaming will be developing games ranging from traditional games playable on all gaming platforms, and other to the high growth & emerging blockchain gaming platforms.

Stay tuned for more.


Our top-of-the-line programmers have really created something special. The building blocks of these games will propel you into  a world like you’ve never seen before. 


We believe in a strong community here at VE Gaming. Video games bring people closer together and we aim to forge these bonds so that people always know that when they are here, they are heard. 

By joining our discord you can talk to developers and other enthusiasts, give feedback, access special events,  and get updated on all patch notes and event drops. 




Developing AAA titles isn’t the only thing that VE Gaming is about. We aim to give our players a smooth and interactive experience in every game we make. Whether that be With our pilot game Handles 360, or the many games to come. 

Our development team has been working tirelessly to integrate NFTs into our games so that our players can win in more than one way, while still feeling like they are having the experience of a lifetime. 


Our Team

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Chief Game Designer

“Creating this game was a team effort and everyone, including myself, has been working tirelessly in order to make this more than just a game. I couldn’t be more happy with what we’ve accomplished.” 


Head of Marketing & Advertising

“Marketing will always come with challenges but at the end of the day when you enjoy the product you are putting out, the consumer can sense that.”


Programming Manager

“Creating a game like this is like solving a puzzle. Both making sure that every piece fits together but also creating a unified piece of art in the end.”